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The Millstone : They show up a lot more than in most online games or maybe the focus on teamwork just makes them a lot more obvious. The griefing problem has been eased somewhat by the holiday patch that allows players to block a griefer from joining any of their games. The shotguns are a viable weapon choice, even in open areas. In-game posters published by the government indicate that the entire United States has fallen, with only a few surviving cities and towns occupied by the Military which are still standing. The game would be followed by Left 4 Dead 2 a year after release, taking place in the same setting but starring four new characters. We always made fun of that part

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Background Halo : In the poster for The Sacrifice.

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Furthermore, on sub-Expert difficulties, the Director designs the drops so that you always get what you need to take down whatever he's about to throw at you, giving Genre Savvy players an advance warning for the horde that's about to come. They do however make the mistake of thinking one man with a gun is capable of controlling Zoey and Bill. Balcony Escape : Used a couple of times in apartment complexes.

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