Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood sins

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood sins
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The answer to getting rid of greed is to look at what we have and be thankful, and focus on bettering the lives of others, instead of ourselves. In this Canto the thieves are subjected to the constant loss of their bodies to the lizards that inhabit the seventh Bolgia. Thank you for the interesting perspective. Because Envy commits suicide, after discovering that he has been envious of humans. The post-anime depression for this anime is totally devastating. And most of the homunculi in the FMA have sad backstories but I do think that they know brotherhood is because they explain who father is and how he created the homunculi. It takes many heroes to finally defeat Wrath, but the one who finishes the job is Scar.

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This makes him seem like more of a villain after we figure it out.

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You missed out on the fact that in every fight Wrath wins, he is attacked first his opponents acting upon their own wrath , the wounds he takes and the eventual loss of his life come from times when he indulges his own wrath. Yes, I totally agree with you. Ominously, Pride is depicted as an innocent little boy, who acts like a normal child in one moment, but then in the next, has the voice of an evil spirit, and the stare of one who is possessed. There are good things to get angry at, such as an injustice a person might be witnessing.

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