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Germans and Austrians are true romantics The Austrians and their German neighbours love nothing more than kissing at sunset, in front of the open fire or by candlelight. In some places intimate lip contact is considered disgusting or a form of foreplay, making it an absolute taboo in public. With a strong focus on romance and passion, kisses over there tend to last quite a while too: a whole 12 seconds to be precise. In Hinduism kissing represents the cosmic unification of the opposing poles of man and woman. Kissing and western kissing culture as we know it was unheard-of in Africa for thousands of years. In North America and Oceania most people are familiar with intimate kissing, whereas romantic kissing is most common in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. However, the focus here is not on romance.

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asian woman kissing

Only around half of cultures kiss each other intimately.

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As researchers at the University of Indiana discovered, kissing culture varies significantly depending on the country and its people. Depending on the region, the French greet each other with two to four pecks on the cheek. Where kissing is forbidden in public In highly conservative countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, kissing in public is absolutely unthinkable.

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