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Batman Beyond features an older and wiser Harley Quinn. Yet beneath this slopped-on sludge of sexuality, there lies a Harley that is, in fact, quite a lot of fun. Harley was no exception to this change-making. Robbie leans into this contradiction with grinning aplomb, utterly comfortable in this central discomfort. The show's antagonist, Harley is a conniving psychiatrist out for revenge on the Gotham elite who incarcerated her Mr. Launched alongside a whole host of tie-in comics, dolls, pajamas, and school supplies, DC Super Hero Girls re-imagines the leading ladies of the DC Universe as high school students, looking to make the world a better place while maintaining their GPAs.

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Azaria. Age: 30.
harley quinn poison ivy sex

She's a girlfriend, a gangster, a psychologist, and a hellraiser.

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Landry. Age: 28.
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Every screen version of Harley Quinn ranked worst to best

Long before the Birds of Prey were best known for being led by the fantabulously emancipated Harley Quinn, they were tearing up the TV screen Gotham Girls was unprecedented in a lot of ways. Like all the best comic characters, she contains multitudes.

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