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Krillin was much too soft hearted to even consider the idea of cheating on Android Probably because Vegeta was originally a hardass who loved nobody but grew to love Bulma is she even his wife? Goku ends up in front of a hotel called Hotel Of Passion. And so, over a plate of delicious chocolate cake, Bulma slowly confessed Vegeta's secret to Chichi. Her walls tightened around him in a vice grip, her eyes rolling back into her head. The innocent Saiyan nodded. His gaze drifted to her abdomen, which was bathed in the long since dried cum of Goku - her normally pale skin a shade lighter where his seed had marked her.

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Goku snuggled to Vegeta then he sat up.

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He's as pure as little Goten. And now… for the same finishing blow. Your review has been posted.

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