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Bossert also explains how and where the films are found and acquired by the studio and preserved using modern technology. He is also the author of Remembering Roy E. He is a thirty-two-year veteran of The Walt Disney Company and is an independent producer and creative director. Gerstein has also been a contributing research historian on the deluxe Walt Disney Treasures home video series, working on such titles as More Silly Symphonies , The Chronological Donald Vol. The myth that Oswald was "stolen" is clarified in that he belonged to Universal Pictures all the time; the real skullduggery was Mintz' successful effort to headhunt Disney's animators and create his own studio to produced the cartoons, rather than be just a middleman.

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This is an excellent documentation on Disney's silent period and film preservation.

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Disney renamed its new film Moana 'to avoid confusion with porn star'

Licking some important details regarding its production. For films that are missing, studio synopsises and other material are reproduced to give a solid idea of what the film was about and the action that took place. The book devotes pages on every single short.

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