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As was well pointed out by the learned trial court in his memorandum opinion, a teacher exerts considerable influence in molding the social and moral outlook of his students by his own precept, deportment, and example. The briefs of counsel in this case provide no answer to this question, nor do they cite any authorities bearing thereon. Considering other assignments required of and permitted by him as a teacher, the relator was not inefficient. All students were given an opportunity to speak and to take part in debates and symposiums. A parent and the school authorities have a right to expect that children are not going to be exposed to comments, discussions, and personal opinions of a teacher on sex who had not been certified to teach such subject in classes which do not relate to such subjects. The book incident clearly occurred in the first semester.

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We are in full accord with the following statement appearing in the learned trial judge's memorandum decision: "The finding of inefficiency must therefore be limited to the actual time used by the relator in the discourses and discussions constituting bad behavior.

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State Board of Health, supra, at page We are confronted with the question of what test should be applied in determining whether a teacher's method of presenting sex education transcends recognized standards of propriety. Therefore, we conclude that we should not reverse and remand for a new hearing before the board.

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