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She reveals to Minase that the two girls she has had her eyes on were Shiraki and Minase's childhood friend, Kurumi Imari. Saeki restarts the Witchcraft Club with a new crop of girls, but it's unclear at first, if she is fighting Kitami or helping her. Reika—severely injured, but still alive—uses the last of her strength to stab Nami to death. Satan then proposes a contract to the dying Reika: he will allow her several more years to live, if she gives him her soul in return. The first episode opens with two female students, Nami Kozono and her lover Junko Mochida, having sex in a classroom after school. It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context.

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Emmalee. Age: 20.
watch bible black new testament

When Reika does not return Nami's affection, her flirting turns into unwanted sexual advances.

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Celia. Age: 30.
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Bible Black: New Testament Episode 1

Views Read Edit View history. However, since Shiraki is no longer a virgin thanks to Minase , Kitami pursues Imari, who has been missing school recently after walking in on Minase and Shiraki during intercourse. A final effort by Takashiro manages to seal the grimoire while Jody's soul is taken and Kitami manages to possess Jody's body instead. However, there is only one outcome regarded by its developers as the "true" ending.

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