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They should release some footage of what really happens when the kids come to set. Honestly, I was like, "How on earth can I make it different from all the others? Each time that happened, she was being more and more and more removed. It just becomes chaos, and I just absolutely get the giggles. See Jen and Shakira's Halftime Performance. It's unpredictable, and incredibly funny because kids do say the funniest things, and they say the funniest things during takes.

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Taliyah. Age: 32.
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They're yin and yang, but it falls out of balance a lot more this season because they just see things quite differently.

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Zaylee. Age: 30.
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Jenna Coleman Reveals Why She Likes Playing Victoria Most When the Queen Is Pregnant

You kind of have that creeping feeling, but we still have an amazing part of the story to tell. When she was older and later in life she basically told them, "You got in the way of my marriage. So, I had the idea to be stood up, just to try and make it more fraught.

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