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Not wanting to back down, Sonic accepts the challenge. Amy, Cosmo, and Blaze were heading to Vanilla's and Cream's home to have some festive fun. It is able to grant the wishes of anyone who is nearby the jewel. With nothing to stop the girls' fun, their simple game is going to be a winter nightmare that no one ever seen. What Cheese doesn't realize is that this jewel is a piece of the ancient Wishing Stone. While they do succeed in shrinking the statue, the device malfunctions yet again and shrinks the two as well.

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Once again, Cream asks her mother to share some fascinating tales of fantasy that will help her fall asleep for the night.

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Sonic the Hedgehog VGGTS Stories

Completed September 17, The walk was rather pleasant with nothing to happen. The next morning, Rouge gleefully aims the gun at herself and shoots. When she gets back to her room, she just now sees her body expanding in all sorts of ways, not to mention the incredibly huge appetite that she is developing.

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