Anime long tongue

anime long tongue
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Charlie the Unicorn 's "friends" have long, prehensile tongues Sammael from the first Hellboy film has a tongue that is freakishly long. It is also split at the end, prehensile, and can be used to lay eggs. King Boo's tongue Simple Samosa. Dot Warner also extends her tongue to great lengths to try to get a pastry, even when it's wrapped around her. While pretending to be a eunuch, Josephus Gregory Hines is tested by having a woman perform an erotic dance in front of him. All vampires in Hellsing have long tongues to lick up blood.

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Krampus has one, seen disturbingly unfurling from his Santa mask to lick Max when he is grabbed in the snow.

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The latter even uses it to suck blood. Newton from Ned's Newt seems to have one, mostly when he's just a small newt who has not consumed Zippo yet. Becomes a real problem for the Wild Kratts when their Power Suits' chameleon disks at first cause their extra-long sticky tongues to extend every time the brothers open their mouths. Silent Hill 2 has Pyramid Head.

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