Jimmy neutron hulk

jimmy neutron hulk
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Even though his folks are willing to help him, the mob of angry citizens led by Sam throw tomatoes at him, which angers Jimmy more. With his anger and rage towards Cindy is gone, Jimmy reverts to his human form in time to finish the formula that would change them all back to normal, but Jimmy doesn't remember being turned into a scary monster. It turns out Jimmy's powers weren't fully developed yet. One of the tanks fire at Jimmy, and Jimmy attacks the tank, using it as both a battering ram and a baseball bat to attack the other tanks. After ripping a light pole from its foundation, Hulk Jimmy attempts to attack the citizens, but is stopped by his parents. He only appears in " The N-Men ". Jimmy holds Cindy and realizes that Cindy isn't a bad person after all.

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Izabella. Age: 25.
jimmy neutron hulk

This leads to Jimmy furious, and not even caring to find a cure when he remembers the years of bullying that his so-called "friends" did to him especially Cindy , thus, his frustration and anger towards her leads to his transformation into Hulk Jimmy in frustration.

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Bailey. Age: 23.
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Hulk Jimmy

Founding out his true power, Hulk Jimmy was excited and goes renegade as he starts a rampage in Retroville. Also, Jimmy attempting to motivate himself to working faster, ends up messing up his computer due to spilling a cans of Purple Flurp, on it. His conscience warns him that if he doesn't get a hold of himself of his rage, he'll doom his friends.

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