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He also, like with Nic, is very protective of her, as he's taken it upon himself to monitor her, if she ever suffers hallucinations from withdrawal of the TB pills. He has a thin amount of body hair and a tribal tattoo on his back, just underneath his neck. Though Worick's answer was not conclusively shown, Nic does eventually snap and do just that. When all of his relatives were slaughtered he moved to Ergastulum, where he started being a gigolo. She became their secretary and he enjoys flirting shamelessly with her.

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He is also capable of skimming through an entire book and remember its contents.

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Worick Arcangelo

Nina is a regular visitor to Benriya and Worick often treats her in a fatherly manner, with the occasional exception of telling her things such as his line of work, which Alex deems inappropriate. He is able to remember all the people he meets and sees; including their names, faces, physical characteristics, and even where he last saw them, which he uses to help the police identify mutilated corpses. On the other hand, he hasn't forgotten that Nic killed his family, despite him not having much affection for them in the first place.

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