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Technicalities: Piggybacks and Parasites. Some of them might sound pedestrian, but they underscore the fact that type ratings are serious business and the airplanes they apply to are complex machines that demand a certain level of professionalism. This is not to say that a type rating is easy. There's no way for a newbie to really understand the principles behind jets, so avoid the temptation to take an accelerated course. The good news is, the challenges of the sim can be conquered.

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For that, the FAA requires a type rating, which is simply certification specifically to fly that particular type of airplane.

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But once these pilots have gone through a little training — day one is usually enough time — it becomes clear that there is more than enough to learn even with a typical day course. Top-notch training providers are there not to push their students to the point of failing but to do just the opposite, to help them succeed. Yes, sims fly differently than airplanes do.

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