Oil fetish

oil fetish
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Categories : Paraphilias Sexual fetishism Pornography. Views Read Edit View history. For many, the simple breaking of taboos—doing what one was told not to as a child—brings about a sense of personal liberation. There is some crossover between the wet and messy fetish and clothing destruction fetishes. Some of these videos are flagged but most of them remain available despite the sexual undertones, mainly because a large majority of wet and messy videos posted publicly do not include nudity and are therefore considered suitable for all audiences to view. One unproven theory is that individuals drawn to WAM have low tactile sensitivity , which is increased and intensified by wet substances acting as a lubricant under applied pressure or friction.

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Categories : Paraphilias Sexual fetishism Pornography.

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Wet and messy fetishism

No conclusive research has been conducted into the psychology behind the fetish; however, it is not uncommon for fetishists to have had interest in the sensations of messy play since their formative years age 3—4 with a sexual element manifesting with the onset of puberty. This article needs additional citations for verification. Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex. The former three are typically considered coprophilia , urophilia , and emetophilia ; urophilia is occasionally found in mainstream pornography; [1] the other two are less common fetishes.

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