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It is essential that as the one being lifted, you trust that your base person will not drop you; if there is no sense of trust that is a recipe for falling! The series was developed with unity in mind and with the aim for each participant to reconnect with themselves and others in an open way. I hope you can take these basic ideas and find ways to build upon them and come up with your own lifting ideas! Why are their voices so calm? So, please check Privacy Policy of Vimeo. Naked Comedy 1: Naked Worker!

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nude yoga exercise

For example, if you and your partner are connected at the foot, or the hip, or are arm-in-arm, how does that change your movements?

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Our instructors will guide you through the practice to help you gain confidence with your body. Now that I am pregnant and investigating orgasmic birth, I am including the politics of childbirth into this matrix of hyper-medicalized cultural conditioning which uproots our most basic human functions. The Law of Sphincters tells us when we relax the jaw, we relax the cervix and uterus; when we release our lips, we release our perineum muscles and pelvic floor.

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