Gay college frat hazing

gay college frat hazing
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They flickered in the dark and in their glow I could see a group of men, twenty or so, silhouetted against the black night. I knew better than to bolt or fight back; this was part of it. None of the men even flinched. It was just a dumb hazing prank and it would be over in an hour. We rode in silence for a long time. The other guys shifted uncomfortably.

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Rory. Age: 31.
gay college frat hazing

It stayed put, sagging limply against my face.

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Marina. Age: 29.
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I Was Hazed In A Frat, Here Is The Experience That Terrifies Me To This Day

A car door opened and I was thrown inside. A Yankee, someone from New York, like me! This is the worst outcome I could have expected from being hazed by a fraternity. I squirmed against my bonds for a moment.

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