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Why bother with this obsolete technology at all? Many old radio circuits employed the choke in the circuit to power the field coil speaker. If you have a chance, highly recommended. These are field coil drivers, which means there is no permanent magnet like modern drivers, no chunks of heavy Alnico or Neodymium mushrooming out the back. There are only photos of superbly executed works of audio art attached to astonishingly high price tags. But they are very, very nice drivers. This damned curiosity would finally be sated!

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If you have a chance, highly recommended.

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New Adventures In HiFi

My experience with the Rullit field coils has been enlightening. If you have a chance, highly recommended. They are a mystery; dreamed up by an elusive and shadowy mad-scientist of the audio world, these hand made beauties merge the highest pinnacles of the audio arts with obsolete and antiquated technology; masterpieces that one suspects just might harness audio secrets long ago forgotten.

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