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Post becoming the fifth Hokage of the Konoha village, Tsunade becomes the sensei of Sakura Haruno, while Naruto becomes the student of Jiraiya. One of the legendary Sanin in the Naruto series, Tsunade Senju reigns as a descendant of the Senju clan and has been one among the original three Sannin. Ironically, Uchiha Sasuke to become the student of one of the other Sannin, who is known to be one among the antagonists, Orochimaru. It is this team which the present team-7 of the series replicates. Praveen - November 24, 0.

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tsunades boobs

There is no doubt that the Tsunade Senju breast pictures have gone viral many amongst the fans multiple times, and why not?

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Are Tsunade's Breasts Real?

We have a whole collection of different sexy pics of Tsunade Senju from her bikini images to cleavage shots, we have them all. These are not topless pictures of Tsunade Senju, but they are still the next best thing. Her sensei was the late 3rd Hokage of Konoha village, who is also the grandfather of Konoha academy student, konohamaru, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

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