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Jake has only three days to get to Larchmont if he wants the car. After Allie lets Jake into her and Eddie's room, Eddie walks out of the shower only clad in a towel and Jake assumes he and Allie have slept together. But en route to the airport, the taxi driver informs Jake that Jeff is actually the mayor of the town; he usually wins the race every year and uses the prize money to buy food for the impoverished. While Jake is stuck in the California desert, Eddie ends up giving a reluctant Allie a ride to New York after she thinks Jake bailed on her again. Upset that Jake cares more about the car than about her, Allie storms onto the bus and takes Jake's seat. Views Read Edit View history.

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naughty allie desert

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Walt Disney Pictures Mandeville Films. A few days before Christmas Eve , his father offers to give him his vintage Porsche if he is home by PM Christmas Eve for Christmas dinner. Jake sees them kiss while he's waiting at the bus station in Nebraska and develops a scheme to convince the bus driver to drop him off at the Bavarian village. He also finally accepts his stepmother.

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