Kabier drama

kabier drama
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This bed was a mattress on the floor according to their GoFund. The concept of Gab is innocent in theory, just free speech without limits, but in practice Twitter has free speech with the exceptions of threats, harassment etc, so the only reason to go to Gab is due to being banned on Twitter, or to follow those banned on Twitter. Even in this reply people note the fact that he was never this hostile on the site. Instead, the funding has been directed to making a kobold dating sim of one of the characters to increase hype for the game. Nobody cared in the chatroom, but everyone knew about it.

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Dana. Age: 29.
kabier drama

After the draw, the winner submitted an art piece that was SFW, and Jasonafex refused to animate it, deciding to redraw instead.

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Reina. Age: 28.
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Saying “No” to Jasonafex, Kabier and company

Jasonafex talks about people milking money out of him, but his 5 patreons and unfinished projects are the epitome of money milking from his own fans. Someone I knew named Okamatan used to moderate this place, and quit because of how awful it was, if you want a first hand description of the true dredges of humanity go ask him. The lack of evidence should not be taken as an omission of guilt, as proving bestiality crimes tends to be extremely difficult to get evidence for. Perhaps the commenters he replied to were unreasonable, but his meltdown started a downward spiral of hostility between Jasonafex and e

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