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It's unfortunate that Anna, a professional poker player, did not win "Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty" 2 or we may have seen the opening of the long-awaited Khait Casino, which promises patrons a little of the ol' "Liqueur Up Front, Poker In the Rear. The relatively lame Survivor: Gabon cast sports two nude castaways sure to give you a gorilla-seized "gaboner" when you see them the way God intended, after living in Earth's last Eden. Natalie Bolton, arguably the most impressive "fan" on Survivor's first "Fans vs Favorites" season, also has one impressively hot body. Still, we managed to find a couple of sexy pics including some nip pokes and one top-of-the-line topless shot. Hoping to get caught up on everything that is out there before Season 34, at the latest.

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Penny. Age: 23.
survivor naked girls

Jenna and Heidi were inseparable in the Amazon, so it is only fitting that they be featured together here.

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Arely. Age: 30.
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Naked Survivors

J'Tia Taylor, from Survivor: Cagayan aka Brawn vs Brain vs Beauty , is best known for dumping her tribe's rice into the fire when she thought she was being voted out, as well as for her "I Love Nerds" t-shirt. Sugar is one of our most prolific Naked Survivors, but unlike most of the other entries here, Sugar never simply posed in the nude. I'm starting to see what Kenny was so excited about.

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