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An embittered man plans to detonate a bomb along the route of an Olympic hero's ticker tape parade. An overprivileged young man and his buddies rob his parents' wealthy friends for kicks. A meek man confesses to embezzling money from his employer to pay for his mother's healthcare, and offers to pay it back - but everyone wants him to keep the money! Many of the actors listed above played multiple roles for different episodes, as different characters. When the head of a fashion studio is found shot to death, almost every one of his underlings had a motive to kill him.

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Aisha. Age: 21.
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An insecure man struggles to escape from the shadow of his domineering late father who robbed him of his self-confidence.

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Lia. Age: 29.
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#TheFappening: Jordan Hinson Nude

A man "fishes" for dropped coins from beneath sidewalk grates in hopes of raising enough money to support an orphan. A young woman overhears a murder on her newly installed telephone; the detectives don't believe her story--but the killer does. Note: this episode does not feature an opening narration.

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