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Karsa had been living in a steep gorge to the east of Darujhistan for nearly a year before the events of Orb Sceptre Throne. Karsa and Samar Dev by Dejan Delic. Karsa was a giant of a man, over seven feet tall, heavily muscled, his flat, broad face tattooed like shattered glass, his teeth filed, and his hair tied into a braid that hung down the left side of his chest. Through the intercession of the Teblor gods and the magic of the Crippled God , their ship was wrecked and the pair were pulled to freedom within the flooded fragment of Kurald Emurlahn known as the Nascent. The priest opened a gate to return them to the normal world just off the shore of Seven Cities, near Ehrlitan. The trio raided, murdered, and raped their way through Sunyd and Rathyd lands as they traveled to Silver Lake , the same place where Pahlk had had his escapades. Cynnigig brought the Teblor to Phyrlis , who summoned a herd she assumed to number a dozen.

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However, no one else knew this, and so Karsa organised a raid in honour of both his grandfather and Urugal the Woven , one of the Teblor gods known as The Seven Faces in the Rock.

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Karsa Orlong

He found an imprisoned Jaghut named Aramala in a tower in this realm, and freed her, in return getting advice on how to find a Jhag horse as well as information regarding the true nature of the Teblor gods. Amidst the political intrigue of Sha'ik's camp, Karsa became a protector to Sha'ik Reborn's adopted daughter, Felisin Younger [32] and became close friends with Leoman. In the stone forest on the oasis' outskirts, the Teblor carved images of his friends Bairoth and Delum from the petrified trees.

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