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To simplify subscriber access, we have temporarily disabled the password requirement. And in an interview with Billboard , Chuck Daley , co-founder of the Carolina-based company, admits to years of delayed payments and accounting statements. Clearly, my work was not in safe or responsible hands. However, Knipe's statement went further, alleging deeper issues: "The business model of Tiny Engines appears to be this: Use the money that the more successful bands make on funding small releases and signings. The oversights that overwhelmed Daley and Miller and shortchanged artists like Adult Mom are by no means unique, with artists often bearing the greatest burden. Daley says touring bands would often be given merch to sell on the road without requiring up-front payment. The same day, indie rock band Long Neck announced it had negotiated its release from Tiny Engines, which issued its debut album Will This Do?

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Daley admits that his own lateness in providing accounting statements was to blame for the delay in payments to Adult Mom.

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However, he says not everyone has been so fortunate. The Hotelier maintained ownership of its masters throughout its relationship with Tiny Engines and has made its catalog available for purchase via Bandcamp on the new Dreams of Field website. According to him, ownership of masters helped offset the financial risk of signing relatively unknown artists. Around , Tiny Engines became the full-time job and main source of income for Daley and Miller.

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