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If you child 12 or above wants it I highly encourage you too buy it for them. I am also happy to say sexism is not a thing in this game, pride flags are shown around the city of San Francisco and the main protagonist is an African-American this game shows diversity as well as being a great game for my child. I know many parents like myself worry about sexual content, but they did keep it to a minimal here, and are removing a high majority of it in the new patch Honestly, it's a great game. The violence is optional, and you don't have to kill, but if you choose too it isn't that bad. Yes, the s-word is used quite a little but any form of the f-word is used only times in the campaign yes, I counted. My son had been asking for this game since the day it came out out and he convinced me to buy it for him, so I bought it for him. Although if you are worried about these things for your child like I was, the player has the choice to do whatever they want.

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Caroline. Age: 26.
watch dogs 2 sex scene

I was reluctant to by it for her to begin with as it shares an age rating 18 with the likes of call of duty and Grand theft auto.

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Abigail. Age: 27.
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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Print. Parent of a 11 and year-old Written by David C. If you child 12 or above wants it I highly encourage you too buy it for them. Good Good open world game Like grand theft auto 5 without the bad things If your kid wants gta 5 but you think that it's to inappropriate you should let your child get this.

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