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No doubt Damon would still have the Bourne franchises, but Wahlberg's resume would look a hell of a lot better with the three Ocean's films on his resume. And because you never even need a reason, we decided to celebrate with a collection of some of his handsomest photos. In fact, his biggest success is Entourage and Piven is getting all the attention for that. We can't quantify it, but we feel it: Burt is a sexy, sexy man. Burt Reynolds regrets naked Cosmopolitan centerfold photo There was also the rumor that Keanu picked up his share of street kids, girls and boys. But then Wahlberg decides he doesn't have to sleep with Clooney anymore.

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And maybe one day, Clooney would allow himself to play a gay role.

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I really can't see Mark Walberg with a man. Even the greenest audience has some exeperience with good and bad performances, and some real life experience with gaydar. Armstrong Williams - right wing talk host supposedly came on to gay employee - where are his boyfriends? How would this have played out if he'd stayed Clooney's butt boy?

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