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Sometimes, of course, you won't know you can't handle something until it's happening, which is why it's both important to learn how to check in with yourself and know whether you need to call pause — and when you're OK with channeling those intense jealous feelings into erotic pleasure. Talking beforehand, however maybe even just over text at first about what your fantasy is, what you like in bed, when the other person was last tested, boundaries, and safe words, makes everything flow much more naturally and sexily. That's one of the most productive things about them. It's double the magnification on your sexual psychology. I can't speak beyond my own experiences, but I think they are emblematic of some of what you might be able to expect if you're diving in to the exciting world of group sex as well. Despite the fact that I've had several threesomes in several different configurations over the years, I've been afraid, up until now, to write about my experiences with them. I know I wasn't ready to see my partner with another woman until it was a woman I also had an independent relationship with — and while that likely won't always be the case, I'm glad I knew not to place myself in a situation that I wasn't ready for.

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Making someone feel special, usually ensuring there is more to the interaction than just sex, and that everyone feels comfortable with each other beforehand, is key.

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Useful Lessons I've Learned From Having Threesomes (So Far)

That said, I've found drinking to alleviate your nerves is only useful in moderation. Assuming you keep communicating and everyone keeps consenting, things can flow remarkably naturally. It's double the magnification on your sexual psychology.

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