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In , the US District Court of the Southern District of Texas threw out the case against Richards and Justice, holding that their crush videos did not fulfill the legal definition of obscenity and that the Anti-Crush Act was unconstitutional on its face. Even people who greatly enjoy watching insects squished to death tend to revile hard crush enthusiasts and—judging from the heated debates on FetLife—often resent being grouped with them as practitioners of the same fetish, or resent that hard crush is even considered a "fetish" at all. Videos more than 10 years old often make the rounds among animal rights activists online, so ABP will be sent the same ones over and over, such as clips from LethalPressure and RussianCrushSite, which were shut down years ago. There is hard crush content available on the dark web if your directions are current, as URLs live and die more frequently than on the regular internet. The Ebony Crush Goddess oeuvre is considered "hard crush," the crushing and killing of vertebrate animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens that generally violate state animal cruelty laws and are thus illegal.

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The start of the trial has been repeatedly delayed by pre-trial motions, including Justice's request for the court to pay for a private investigator to find witnesses to testify on his behalf.

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The People Who Get Off to Crush Porn

Court documents indicate that Richards performed in custom shows and even responded favorably when asked if she'd consider killing a person in a custom video. When he started using the internet a year later, he said, "The first thing I did was search for crush. Part of Justice's failed motion to dismiss his case argued that his methods of killing animals was kosher, and thus legal. He also argued that some of the attitudes towards hard crush are hypocritical.

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