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She said, "baby I know I told you I would let you out of your cock cage to watch us on the camera There she said to me "feel me! I watched them fuck on that camera for a full 2 hours. She strattled my face and told me to eat as she played with my cock and told me how good it was. She let me out of my cage a day early and as I was fucking her she told me what it was like to suck him and she told me how much bigger he was and how turned on she had gotten thinking about me all locked up in the other room while she sucked off some other guy. The next time I looked over at them she was nibbling on his ear and whispering to him It's like there was this unwritten rule that we couldn't talk about how he was about to fuck my wife.

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Karina. Age: 31.
cuckold orgasm denial

I told her that I would be asleep but she could use the spare bedroom and that it would be ok as long as she took pictures and some small vids of the event on her phone.

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Alyssa. Age: 21.
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He took her everyway he could think of. After he left she came into our room and I pretended to be asleep. But she kept me on edge as she recounted every position he took her in, she told me about every time she came on his cock. It was so funny we just talked about nothing important, completely avoiding the reason why we was there.

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