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Did your hands wander as you read? I finally felt the first tingling, the first split second feeling where your cunt clenches. She wondered if one of the authors she read had slipped this into a story that had actually knocked her down into that deep and obedient trance as she had always wanted. When she got her own place in the city, it was so easy to shut the door and indulge, knowing that no one would bother her until she had to be at work the next day. She would walk a little faster than the people around her on the city sidewalks as she weaved through the human traffic and made her way home.

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She would scroll through tumblr and read story after story about girls who gave up control, girls who lost control and girls who had it taken away.

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Tori. Age: 21.
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Party: A Short Bit of Fiction

The remote vibe and plug were in her cunt and ass respectively. You can enjoy her in a million more ways. Did your hands wander as you read? But then, much to my shame and horror, my cunt started to get wetter.

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