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Work Search: tip: words Goofs, gaffs, laughs, and butts. Of course, the fun doesn't just stop there, however. She lies in bed and masturbates, imagining the scent of her cunny another's, tasting her fingers and imagining she has just brought another woman to completion. Cassie has always had a crush on her Mom, what she didn't know is that Sonya returns her feelings.

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Libby. Age: 21.
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This story also includes several other characters, some not even from the "DQ" series in general, as well.

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Sadie. Age: 29.
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Izuna randomly decides to throw an orgy party with a bunch of other fellow ninja babes. Tearfully, she tells him everything, pours all of her desires over his heart, asking him if she is a bad woman, an unfaithful wife, unnatural. Now, we can either do this the easy way or the hard way. She dreams of embracing women: soft, voluptuous women perfumed with honey, rose and ambergris.

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