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cute girls smoking weed
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When I was young, my dad was a big pothead, and he drank a lot. At 19 I moved to New York and I started dating a guy who didn't really like it. Rihanna makes it pretty because she's so fabulous. You had a lot of really creepy, scary men come in there, not to mention the growers that you had to deal with. I don't think of being a stoner as part of my identity. It's my medicine; it's what I choose to do.

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Avianna. Age: 24.
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When that guy and I broke up, I moved back to L.

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April. Age: 28.
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7 Women On What It’s Like To Be A Girl Who Smokes Weed

I'll take a dab at night after the baby's asleep, when it's time to get into my creative projects and get into my zone. I don't think guys thought less of girl smokers; they probably thought they were cooler, honestly. He knew that I always had insecurities about my body, and struggled with eating disorders in the past; I guess he thought that it would make me feel bad. I wouldn't say my hours are long, but I work the whole day that I'm at the office.

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