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Whatever you may think of it morally, right or wrong, it is important to remember that such methods — such flesh parades — are entirely based upon cultural cues. What was then considered pornography is relatively common in modern media. For my uncle was a man who had somewhere lost his understanding of what culture he should call his own, and had thus lost sight of where to see himself as belonging. The Inuit soldiers were trained and given. But such parades, while veiled as an acknowledgement of the beauty of the human body, are most often displayed in a seductive context, as though whoever watches the commercial or the magazine ad — whether male or female — is expected to be aroused by the sight of the bare skin. A new culture It occurs to me that my uncle, too, had still retained pride in our lifestyle — the lifestyle that had once been his before the army, before his travels, before the suitcase of naked ladies.

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Why then, in his worldliness, had he returned to us?

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Hilarious poses The photos were glossy black and white prints. We were content in our lifestyle, but my poor uncle never did quite manage to fit in. A human being without clothes was only that: an unclothed person.

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