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If dinner seems like it goes right through you, it's not because you have a super-efficient digestive system. And having to get down to business in an unfamiliar place—perhaps in a different time zone—can also make your colon extra shy. So what if you're a once-a-day pooper who's suddenly going three or four times a day? The important thing is to go to your doctor if your new pooping schedule gives you a constant upset stomach or your frequent bathroom trips start to make social situations, umm, awkward. Pimple Popper Pops Yellow Steatocystomas.

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In short, if you feel OK—no upset stomach, no trouble making it to the bathroom on time—then you probably don't need to worry.

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The atmospheric pressure inside a plane is different than the pressure outside, so it slowly sucks water out of your body and your bowels. Scientists believe it's because the hormones you release during your cycle, called prostaglandins, trigger your uterus to contract and can sometimes get into your bowels and cause them to contract as well. Schnoll-Sussman says that it could be as simple as your diet eat some sketchy meat recently?

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