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See my posting on lying and fakery and hypocrisy in everyday life , or "Grandparent Mortality in College Classes". I was startled though not shocked, and said I had never heard of this usage. It does respect women, treat them with courtesy—at least in public. There is nothing to cherish on the part of the parent. This time several people came onlist to make these "embarrassed confessions. Being a prig is less acceptable in our society than cruelty to others.

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When I was first told of this in cyberspace I could scarcely believe it was ubiquitous behavior. I was also first told in private emails offlist by two different women in confidences about 2 years apart. Sedgwick appears amused in her article she may not be of course ; I am not. I said this on this list and also more than once on Austen-l.

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