Passionate kissing tumblr

passionate kissing tumblr
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Against a very scenic waterfall background, the two were playing with water and when the timing was just right, Jang Jaeyeol went up to Ji Haesoo for a kiss. Haesoo readily said yes, and she was smiling from cheek to cheek that her happiness was obvious. Haesoo kissed back, doing better than how she did previously, but still started breaking out in cold sweat after the kiss. After being beaten up by his brother, Jang Jaeyeol made a call to Ji Haesoo and started talking comfortably about his troubles with her. She then gives him another kiss when he pleaded in tears for her to let him out of the hospital. He also agrees to go back to the hospital to receive treatment, making Ji Haesoo overjoyed, although there is still one final barrier in their relationship - her mother who opposes the two. In this scene, Ji Haesoo initiated the kiss and affirmed her love for Jang Jaeyeol despite knowing that being with him could cause her suffering for the rest of her life.

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Michaela. Age: 20.
passionate kissing tumblr

And of course, we now have our favorite couple back together, happily ever after.

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Sasha. Age: 27.
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Passionate Kissing Quotes

Ji Haesoo then leaves him in tears…. They ended sleeping together for the night at the seashore, which was a great step accomplished for Haesoo, and also for Jaeyeol as this was also the first time Jang Jaeyeol slept at a place besides his bathtub. Ji Haesoo showed her understanding and told Jaeyeol how lucky he was to have a psychiatrist as a girlfriend.

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