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It's been a tough few weeks for the Grace family. As the nation prepares for the Tokyo Olympics, old buildings like this must go, but the students band together to protect it, and Umi teams up with student journalist Shun Yelchin to clean up the building and make a plea to the corporate boss Bridges. After hearing a noise in the walls, one of the boys breaks open a secret section, revealing a long forgotten attic room. The background music is The Lovin' Spoonful's "Do You Believe in Magic," which not only sums up her arrival in America, but also foreshadows events to come. When the dog starts behaving strangely and dangerously, they discover that there's way too much neural activity going on its brain, but before they can investigate further, Zoe is electrocuted to death.

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They merrily subvert the rules, keeping the headmistress Parfitt on her toes.

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Zoe appears to have gained paranormal powers and reveals that she has come back from hell. Even so, the whole moth motif never really makes much sense, other than as a clumsy metaphor for adolescence. What follows is a magical and uplifting tale that boosts the human spirit and proves that small miracles do exist. There's a terrific sense of menace in this gothic dramatic thriller, which plays on the story's fantasy elements to take us into a teen girl's troubled imagination.

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