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One comment read: This is the hottest girl-girl action I've ever seen. Lois became even more sexually aroused when Sarah started feeling her up. Their faces moved closer until their lips were pressing against each other. She was taken surprise by the fact that the gorgeous woman she'd been lustfully staring at was coming to talk to her and knew her name. It was true that the only reason she kissed her was to show Meg how a real lesbian would kiss another woman. She loved Peter and was worried that he might be hurt from knowing that she had sex with someone else.

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Ariel. Age: 21.
meg and lois lesbian

He saw Lois holding hands with an attractive young girl heading in the direction of the hotel.

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Jamie. Age: 22.
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Dial Meg for Murder

Now most people might not have expected that anything was about to happen. Now, Lois, why did it take so many years for me to finally see you in some girl-girl action? We will be pressing charges against you for statutory rape. Bye," said Peter sounding excited.

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