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As the Aura Sphere gets larger and much more powerful, Lucario knocks Ash back and demands to finish the rest. Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan. Miracle Cat-dan — Tamagotchi! At that moment, a Regirock attacks, and everyone runs into the Tree of Beginning. A Time Flower projects the moment, showing Sir Aaron trapping Lucario and flying away, making everyone believe Lucario in saying that he was, indeed, betrayed. Lucario realizes that he can also restore the Tree by using his Aura powers.

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lucario mewtwo

In the ballroom, Ash watches the fireworks display.

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Cassandra. Age: 28.
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In the credits sequence, it is shown that Ash and friends return to the palace and are rewarded by Lady Ilene, while the portrait of Sir Aaron at the castle is updated to include Lucario. In other projects Wikiquote. Meanwhile, everyone else is attacked by a Registeel , and red blob "antibodies" produced by the Tree begin devouring May, Max, Brock, and Team Rocket as if they are a disease. Lucario and Sir Aaron share a chocolate bar in their distant place after death, while Kidd leaves the group and meets with Butler and Diane , and Ash and his friends continue on their journey in the Kanto region.

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