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By GDP, however, the two are more closely matched. Not only do Colorado and Singapore have similar GDPs, but also their population size is nearly identical at around 5. A resource-rich state, Alaska's 1. Malaysia has a large tourism industry and is benefitting from a growing manufacturing sector. Vegan fast food: Meat-free fast-food options are growing.

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North Dakota's economy is heavily dependent on resource extraction, an industry that flourished in the last 10 years due to new developments in hydrofracking methods — methods that allow for the extraction of natural gas in the state's Bakken Formation.

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New Jersey has a similar economic output to Iran, even though the Middle Eastern country has about nine times as many residents and 72 times as much land. Still, their populations closely align, as they are each home to some 5. Often, however, they have far more developed economies and therefore higher GDPs per capita than the comparable country.

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