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Eroscillator 2 Plus Review Sunday, 25 September Although everyone seems to know about the Magic Wand, we wanted to look into the lesser known Eroscillator to see if the solid reputation was true On my early generation belt the alignment was better on the combo shield vs. Since the edges on the fancy steel belt are rolled, you will still be able to wear it. Typically, I just take a break and use the bathroom then put the belt back on. There are a few different choices out there when it comes to chastity belt makers so it took a good deal of time to sort out who I wanted to buy from.

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I wear them as more of a fashion accessory vs a security enhancement.

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Aniyah. Age: 20.
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The waist belt is made of thick steel, but bends enough to fit around your waist for a tight fit. The cable is attached to the front of the belt using a plate with a post and is locked with a padlock. The leather belt gave me a good sense of how it feels to have my pussy covered in a way that prevents touching and greatly reduces the likelihood of sneaking a cum.

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