Sora no otoshimono sohara

sora no otoshimono sohara
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Then Tomoki gave her some of his grandfather 's orange seed as present and said "Happy birthday" to her. According to Sohara, that birthday is the birthday she never forgot, the birthday which made Tomoki became her best friend and also her secret love. In this regard Sohara is actually on same size as Ikaros, while Astraea is at least two sizes bigger, as can be seen in official comparison. Tomoki eating Sohara's birthday cake. Even though she hits Tomoki with her "Karate-chops of Doom" repeatedly, she actually thinks Tomoki is really sweet and kind which shows that she has a great heart. Tomoki refuses and she accepts, but she raises her hand with a symbol karate, which causes him to quickly change his mind and they go to the club room.

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Sohara Mitsuki

Overall the size of her breasts are described as "Explosive". Sugata says he had no interest in the subject and shows a map for them, without understanding much, she gets down and wait until he finished speaking, after that, they schedule to meet the Sakura tree at night, but she can not go, because her mother did not allow her to leave so late. One of the most scary skills of Sohara's - "The karate-chop of Doom" which makes Tomoki scared, is awakened accidentally by Tomoki when they are children. She is depicted to be a horrible cook, as one of her fried eggs with ominous aura was able to put Astraea in a death-like state.

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