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anime kissing in bed
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Yamada-Kun and the 7 Witches- Extra-Special Afterschool Activities Here is a series fans all over the world have flocked to, and you will too. Add in some more hilarious characters, riffs on anime romance tropes, and plenty of exaggerated characterization, and you have a comedy with all the kissing and laughter you could ever want. This series is anything but normal, and the relationship is definitely unconventional. Campione was a light novel; White Album 2 was a visual novel. And the best part is, it is something we all can relate to. This leads main characters Ryuu and Urara to join the Supernatural Club at school, where seven girls who have powers activated by a kiss reveal themselves.

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Expect a clash of emotions and an interesting plot with dynamic, relatable characters.

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The Top 10 Best Romance Animes With Lots of Kissing

The characters are interesting and talented, and they will keep drawing you in episode after episode. Anime Lindsey Lee July 20, anime , best romance animes , kissing , kisses , kiss scenes. The action coupled with the way this anime placed these two characters together is not forced, but an enhancement to the story. Now imagine you got this job as a result of beating the God of War in a mortal battle.

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