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There is no age limit for tongue piercings, however the British Body Piercing Association has a Code of Practice and Ethics which includes not giving a piercing to anyone under the age of Most tongue piercings are removed by unscrewing the back off the underneath of your tongue, which is relatively easy. It may also increase the risk of bacterial infections in your mouth and can fracture existing dental work. Avoid hot drinks, alcohol including alcoholic mouthwash and paracetamol or aspirin which can increase swelling by thinning the blood. There is more advice on how to care for your piercing at colgate. You should avoid this for as long as possible, with many websites advising against oral sex for at least weeks.

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Jayde. Age: 20.
tumblr long tongue

Tongue piercings have been linked to receding gums and chipping teeth.

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Ingrid. Age: 28.
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Tongue Piercings: Every Question You Have, Answered

The tongue heals faster than most other body parts, so when you remove the piercing the whole will start to close within a few hours. You will do if you get a tongue piercing. All of this is highly dependent on your piercer, if they feel confident they can pierce without risks, then they will.

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