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In some circuits, courts consider the statute applicable to all websites, while in others the ADA is only applied to physical places of business and not those on the internet. Circuit courts across the country are split on this issue. Any different policy choice is up to Congress, not the judiciary. A site is not static like a physical locale, so from a business perspective compliance will be much more difficult than creating a wheelchair ramp, say. However, that is not necessarily the case.

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While the ADA was written with physical places in mind, the realness of online spaces is undeniable.

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So, with the circuits split and no established standards, attempting to comply with nonexistent norms leaves companies vulnerable to more lawsuits no matter what they do to improve website accessibility. Since before the advent of the Internet, department stores have sent customers mail-order catalogues … Companies have also deployed door-to-door salesmen and maintained telephone hotlines as additional ways for customers to place orders without having to visit their physical locations. They have proven themselves to be comically postmodern in their understanding of technology, even if they may seem stodgy. Plaintiffs have pursued restaurants, retailers, grocery stores, car dealerships, hotels, banks, exercise studios, and universities.

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