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lesbian hypnosis story
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My breathing was now loud and erratic and my chest rose and fell almost rhythmically. I knew there was no way that Miss Jenkins could actually be speaking to me because she wasn't even in the room. No words came from my mouth even though I felt like screaming out loud and proclaiming the heavenly pleasures which were being brought to me by my mistress. I want us to make love for real too Did you have something in mind Kev? Her fingers journeyed softly up my inner thigh and I slowly spread my legs, ready for her to enter me at last. I could have sworn I heard your voice in class today even.

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Kyla. Age: 31.
lesbian hypnosis story

My blonde hair flew in every direction as I jumped up and down on Christina's hand, thrusting her hand deeper inside me and taking me places no other human being possibly could have.

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Hannah. Age: 26.
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I closed my eyes and listened to every single word and moan that came from Christina's mouth as she almost lost control of herself in the moment. I sat down near Christina and took a deep breath, squirming slightly and feeling warm from the soothing candles all around me. The voice I heard in my head was unmistakable but also impossible.

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