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This means that your heart has to work harder to pump blood around your body. The difference is that while birth control pills can mildly increase your risk of stroke and other cardiovascular side effects, cigarettes are much more dangerous. Smoking While on Hormonal Birth Control Has Several Risks Studies show that smoking cigarettes while using birth control significant increases your risk of experiencing cardiovascular side effects. Add smoking into the equation and things become dangerous, fast. All of these cardiovascular events can be deadly, meaning you have a higher risk of premature death if you smoke while you use birth control.

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imagefap smoking

The biggest is the combined, synergistic effect that birth control and cigarette smoking can have on your veins and heart.

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Other studies show that smoking while using birth control can significantly increase your risk of stroke. Add them together and the risk of you experiencing a serious, life-threatening heart issue gets very high, very quickly. Some even notice benefits beyond the obvious contraceptive advantages of birth control, such as smoother, softer skin and fewer acne outbreaks.

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