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After a few drinks at the bar he invites her to go up to his room for one more. They get in the elevator and head upstairs. The first night there we all stayed up late drinking wine and gabbing. How all she could think about was getting pounded by a hard thick cock and how in the moment she loved being a bad wife. Hubby looked great in his suit and I was feeling pretty hot in my dress and heels, the wedding was beautiful and the dinner was fantastic.

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Paris. Age: 27.
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He put the key card in and the door and in we went.

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Gracelyn. Age: 30.
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He said they definitely sounded like they were having a good time. I felt him tense up then he was filling my mouth with his hot thick load. I could feel him starting to get close so I picked up my pace. To which I full heartedly agree.

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