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Now that episode in the weird postrd tournament filler where the old lady on the mountain teaches Chi-Chi how to be a submissive and obedient wife, that's the kind of writing I dislike. But that's just it--while the first artist drew a picture of a child in a sexual position and another sculpted the same child to profit from, Toriyama, himself, drew the design to begin with. Simply put though, sexualization of minors is an issue that goes way beyond Dragon Ball. Moderators: Kanzenshuu Staff , General Help. Don't let him do it to anyone else. As it stands I think it's something that should be acknowledged, but not targeted at Dragon Ball specifically so much as the current state of Japanese entertainment as a whole turning a blind eye toward the disturbing treatment of children, especially girls. Now do I think this instance is harmful?

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Re: Is young Chi-Chi problematic?

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Kanzenshuu Skip to content. What does it mean when older fans find themselves attracted to a character design who is ultimately prepubescent? Compared to Goku, whose constant adjustment to change, drive to improve, and general agreeable attitude are shown to be his best strengths and arguably the point of the whole story, Chi-Chi is just someone who exists that happens to wear a weirdly-revealing outfit as a child. ProLight Style by Ian Bradley.

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